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1 Radiosity available on Android and other devices as a beta app. See below for instructions.

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Both Radiosity and IPTV Plus are widely available for Android. Click here for instructions on downloading on Android devices such as Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and set top boxes.

Additional Instructions:

Typically, your Android device will disable apps that are not in the Google Play Store. To fix this, carefully follow the instructions on this page.

Radiosity is offered on other devices as a beta app. You may try the beta version. This version requires a few more steps to improve stability on these devices.

Additional Instructions:

To begin, you will need a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer (or virtualized machine). Also, the computer and your device must be on the same wireless (or wired) network.

  1. Enable Developer Mode. To begin, we must enable a special “Developer Mode” on your Roku device. Carefully press the following combination of keys on your Roku remote control:
    Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.
  2. Enable Installer. The “Developer Settings” screen will appear. Select “Enable installer and restart” and press “OK”. The password selection screen appears, type the password “12345” (without the quotes) using the on-screen keyboard, then select “Set password and reboot”. Your Roku device will reboot with developer mode enabled.
  3. Unzip the Zip File. From your Windows computer, download our zip file which contains an installation program. Unzip (extract) all contents of the zip file. (The location does not matter, as long as you can access the files. Many people extract to the Desktop.)
  1. Run the application. Double-click AppLoader. Your computer may warn you the file is unsigned; this is normal and you may continue.Special Note: AppLoader requires the .NET Framework 4.0. While most recent computers include this, you may need to install it here, then re-run AppLoader.
  2. Complete On-Screen Form. AppLoader will prompt you to complete a few fields as follows:ROKU Hostname or IP: Your Roku device contains a unique IP address. To locate it, go to the “Settings->System->About” page on your Roku device. (It will show something similar to Do not change; it should already say ’80”.

    : Do not change; it should say “rokudev”.Password: Here you should enter the password that was defined in step 2, which is: 12345App PKG File: Select the “…” button and navigate to the file you unpacked in step #3, called “radiosity-1.9.3.pkg”.
  3. Load the App onto Roku. When the above is performed correctly (i.e. only after all of the above information is filled out correctly), the “Load” button is enabled. Click it to load the application into your ROKU device. Any error messages are likely a result of mistakes in Step #5.
  4. All Done! If Radiosity loads successfully, you will briefly see a progress bar fill to 100% and then return to 0% showing “Ready”. Radiosity will load on-screen following.
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